Oakdale Greenscaping

Mossdale Calibrated

Mossdale is natural sandstone paving with an attractive riven surface. Its infinite colour variation provides the perfect canvas to create beautiful natural garden landscapes.


Mossdale Sizes:

900 x 600mm
600 x 600mm
600 x 290mm
290 x 290mm

Mossdale Calibrated.jpg

Paving Colours

Mossdale LITEs

The beauty of LITEs is not just held within their appearance. LITEs are thinner and therefore lighter than their counterparts. This make LITEs easier to handle and easier to lay. So, for paving that won’t break your back, nor your bank account… LITEs are the natural choice!


Mossdale LITEs

560 x 560mm
560 x 280mm
280 x 280mm

Mossdale LITEs.jpg

Paving Colours


Ethically Sourced Natural Stone

Oakdale and our suppliers are committed to achieving the goals detailed in the ETI Base code outlined below

• Employment is freely chosen.
• Freedom of association and the right
to collective bargaining are respected.
• Working conditions are safe and hygienic.
• Child labour shall not be used.
• Living Wages are paid.
• Working hours are not excessive.
• No discrimination is practised.
• Regular employment is provided.
• No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.